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Know that many judges or tribunals tend to get very annoyed by "amateurs" who try to represent themselves in courts and hearings. Your rights may be ignored.

Get Competent Help for Your Court or Hearing: ParaLegalAdvice will refer your case to selected ParaLegals in your area who may be interested in taking on your case. They will then contact you directly. Neither you, nor ParalegalAdvice nor the ParaLegals are obligated in any way by using this free service.

Please click on the type of case you have from the lists below to be taken to the appropriate ParaLegalAdvice referral request form.

find a paralegal Pardons and US Waivers If you have a criminal conviction in Canada, you will need a US Waiver and probably a Pardon to travel.

find a paralegal Personal Injury Do not settle or sign anything until you consult with the appropriate legal help.

find a paralegal Uncontested Divorce Save thousands on simple Divorces and Separation agreements

find a paralegal Landlord Tenant These are not matters for amateurs. Have an experienced Paralegal guide you through the system and get you what you want

find a paralegal Immigration Only licenced, approved people may offer Immigration services in Canada. Beware of the many con artists and frauds.

   find a paralegal Find Me a Paralegal Use this form if you are not sure what you require.

find a paralegal Traffic Tickets Remember, it isn't just the ticket, it is what will happen to your insurance costs for 3 to 5 years and the points.

find a paralegal Criminal Charges Summary and Provincial Offences charges? Do not wait to the day before your court appearance to get help

find a paralegal Small Claims Court Help Have a ParaLegal prepare your Claim or Defence and make sure it is done right.

find a paralegal Incorporation in all parts of Canada Set your business up properly.


Paralegal Referral Service
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