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Where to Find Small Claims Court Forms

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Small Claims Court Forms and Rules
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Where to Find Small Claims Court Forms
  1. Click here Alberta Small Claims Court forms
    Civil Court hears all civil claims, subject to Provincial Statutory restrictions. The court is limited to claims of less than $25,000 subject to some restrictions.

  2. Click here BC Small Claims Court forms
    The current limit is $25,000.

  3. Click here Manitoba Small Claims info
    The Small Claims Court is is a way to settle monetary disputes that do not exceed $7,500. Forms can be filled out online

  4. Click here Ontario Small Claims Court forms
    The limit on claims will be $25,000 after Jan 1 2010. The majority of Small Claims Court (SCC) forms available online in a viewable (Adobe PDF) and a fillable (Microsoft Word 2000) format.

  5. Click here Quebec Small Claims information
    The Small Claims Division hears disputes involving sums of money as well as other cases undertaken to cancel or terminate a contract, when the object of the contract and the sum claimed do not exceed $7,000 each. This is a division of the Court of Québec where people act on their own behalf, without a lawyer.

  6. Click here New Brunswick Small Claims Information
    What is a small claim? It is a claim made through the court for money or personal property you believe someone owes you. A small claim can be for debt, damage, or personal property valued up to $30,000. You can claim interest as long as the interest and the claim is not more than $30,000.

  7. Click here Newfoundland Small Claims Court forms
    These forms may be completed online and then printed.

  8. Click here Nova Scotia Small Claims Information
    The Small Claims Court provides a quick, informal and cost-effective method for deciding claims up to $25,000 (not including interest). It is not necessary for the person making the claim (claimant) and the person whom the claim is against (defendant) to have lawyers.

  9. Click here NWT Small Claims
    Territorial Court matters, such as those dealing with small claims under $10,000 may be filed in any of the judicial centers listed online.

  10. Click here PEI Small Claims Court forms
    Each of the Supreme Court Forms is available as an Acrobat file

  11. Click here Sask Small Claims Court info
    Only certain types of claims can be dealt with in Small Claims Court and the value of the claim must not exceed 5,000 dollars.

  12. Click here Yukon Small Claims Court forms
    The Small Claims Court hears civil cases in which the amount of money or the value of personal property being claimed is $25,000 or less
   Where to Find Small Claims Court Rules
  1. Click here Alberta Civil Court Rules, Forms and Information
    Includes instructions, samples and forms can be filled out on line.

  2. Click here BC Small Claims Act
    The purpose of this Act and the rules is to allow people who bring claims to the BC Provincial Court to have them resolved and to have enforcement proceedings concluded in a just, speedy, inexpensive and simple manner.

  3. Click here Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Small Claims Practices Act
    The object and purpose of this Act is to provide for the determination of claims in a simple manner as expeditious, informal and inexpensive as possible commensurate with the matters at issue in each claim. A claim may be dealt with in a summary manner and the rules of the court do not apply

  4. Click here Ontario Courts of Justice Act
    The Small Claims Court has jurisdiction in any action for the payment of money where the amount claimed does not exceed the prescribed amount exclusive of interest and costs; and has jurisdiction in any action for the recovery of possession of personal property where the value of the property does not exceed the prescribed amount

  5. Click here Quebec: Section 953, Code of Civil Procedure
    Quebec, as usual. makes life difficult for anyone who is not French.

  6. Click here New Brunswick Small Claims Act, R.S.N.B. S-9.1, and Regulations
    This court hears civil suits for debt or damages, return of personal property or a combination of those claims, where the value involved does not exceed $6,000.

  7. Click here Newfoundland Small Claims Act and Click here Newfoundland Rules
    A judge has jurisdiction to try and adjudicate upon a claim for debt, whether payable in money or otherwise, or for damages, including damages for breach of contract, where the amount claimed does not exceed the amount prescribed by regulation

  8. Click here Nova Scotia Small Claims Court
    The Small Claims Court is administered and delivered by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.

  9. Click here NWT Small Claims Court Rules
    Available in PDF or WP format

  10. Click here PEI Rule 74, Small Claims Rules of Civil Procedure
    Available in PDF

  11. Click here Sask: General Information
    In Saskatchewan, the Small Claims Court is presided over by a judge of the Provincial Court. It provides an informal and inexpensive method to resolve disputes with or without the aid of a lawyer. As a rule, most parties are not represented by lawyers.

    People can approach the Small Claims Court knowing that the court staff is experienced in helping persons prepare the necessary forms and that the judge is experienced in settling disputes without the assistance of lawyers. The emphasis in the Small Claims Court is on facts and not legal technicalities.

  12. Click here Yukon: Small Claims Court Act, R.S.Y. 1986 c. 160,PDF rules

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