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Ontario Residential Landlords and Tenants - General Information


Ontario Residential Landlords and Tenants - General Information Based on research done by Click here Norman Pickell

Click here CLEO - Landlord and Tenant
Information from Community Legal Education Ontario - CLEO - about Ontario residential tenant and landlord issues.

Click here Eviction Procedures
Information of a general nature from Legal Line.

Click here Fire Safety for Apartments in Houses 
The Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall outlines for homeowners and tenants the fire safety regulations that govern apartments in houses.

Click here Forms, Applications and Notices
For use under the Tenant Protection Act (Ontario)

Click here Housing Help
Information from Ottawa's Housing Help on tenant rights and responsibilities.

Click here Landlord's Self-Help Centre - Ontario 
The Landlord's Self-Help Centre provides information for Ontario's residential landlords and tenants.

Click here Life Lease - Introduction
An introduction to life lease rental housing.

Click here Life Lease - Life Lease Associates
Information from Life Lease Associates of Canada on life leases.

Click here Life Lease - Manitoba
Information from the Manitoba Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs on life lease rental housing.

Click here Pets - Ontario 
Information from the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal about pets / animals in residential rental accommodation.

Click here Rental Guide - CMHC
"Your Guide to Renting a Home," published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - CMHC, provides renters and landlords with an overview of their rights and responsibilities, as well as other helpful information.

Click here Roommate Information and Agreement 
If you are going to share accommodation with a roommate, here is some information and a sample roommate agreement that you might find helpful.

Click here Tenant Protection Act - Complete Statute
A complete actual copy of the Ontario Statute that governs residential landlords and tenants in the Province of Ontario.

Click here Tenant Protection Regulations
Ontario regulations under the Tenant Protection Act which provide
further information about how the provisions of the Act are applied.

Click here Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal
The website of the "court" that resolves disputes between residential
landlords and tenants and provides information about the Tenant Protection Act of Ontario.

Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act and Related Legislation on ParaLegalAdvice

Click here Canadian Tenant Information a mishmash compilation of articles which desperately needs editing and some organization but still worth wading through the mess to find the odd gem. Primarily for Ontario tenants, but also has some information for the rest of Canada
Click here The Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (ORHT) is being openly ridiculed as an "Eviction Machine" which openly sides with landlords. Their site contains pages of information which is worth reviewing, however the process is stacked against tenants, so beware. Tenants are being forced to pay large legal bills to fight landlords' annual rent increase applications. There is no provision to recover costs. Hearsay "evidence" is the norm and untrained people sit as judges on these tribunals. Mike Harris got his for having gutted social services in this province. Let's hope McGinty does something productive.

Tenant Resources in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario: Landlord & Tenant ParaLegal help
Click here Federation of Metro Tenants Association A really lousy web site layout and design, but call their hot line for good advice (416) 921-9494

The following organizations represent tenants in government hearings and commissions.
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Landlords Help (416) 761-9956
Landlords Self Help Center (416) 532-4467
Landlord Service Bureau (416) 586-0900
Landlord-Tenant Action Centre (416) 924-8693

Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations provides legal advice and advocacy.

The Ontario government's outrageous and unfair Tenant "Protection" Act repeals the Rent Control Act, the Rental Housing Protection Act, Part IV of the Landlord and Tenant Act (the portion that pertains to residential tenancies and mobile home parks, but they left in force those portions of the Act that pertain to tenant farmers,) the Municipal Amendment Act (Vital Services,) the Land Lease Statute Law Amendment Act and the Residents' Rights Act (which protected seniors and the disabled in care homes).

If you are upset about the changes you will likely want more information from your community legal and information clinic and tenants' association. If you are upset over the governments new Act, you should both write and call your MPP and Premier McGuinty, and on letters be sure to write "Personal and Confidential" on the envelope.

Click here Your "rights" as a tenant in Ontario under the so called Tenant Protection Act.
The Tenant Protection Act
This is the actual text of the Act. Talk about a Newspeak name. The Tenant Protection Act is directly responsible for massive rent increases which lead to homelessness. The Tribunal which administers the Act is a shill for landlords and has been called an "eviction machine" by many authorities. This is a prime reason to make sure the Harris government does not get re-elected in Ontario.

Click here Canadian Relocation Systems Has useful information on tenant rights as well as costs of living and related material for different cities.

Housing is regulated by the province and municipalities.

Housing issues are regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing primarily under the Tenant "Protection" Act, and by your particular municipality primarily under their Building's Inspections, Fire, and Health departments.

Rent increases are the jurisdiction of the province, and building standards are first the jurisdiction of the municipality but can also be taken to the provinces Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal for a fee.

To get all the available forms and literature: The Ontario Ministry of Housing has publications that not only inform you of your rights but also your obligations as a tenant. It is a good idea to call the government's new Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal at 1-888-332-3234 to get all the available forms and literature.

Information Brochures from the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

Click here Complete List of Topics
To assist parties in understanding the Tenant Protection Act.

Click here Care Homes
Including retirement residences, homes for special care, group homes.

Click here Conversions, Demolitions
Conversions, demolitions and renovation of rental units.

Click here Ending a Tenancy - General Information
Information for both the tenant and the landlord on how to end a tenancy.

Click here Filing an Application
How to file an Application under the Tenant Protection Act.

Click here Hearing
Information on what to do if you need to go to the Tribunal.

Click here Maintenance and Repairs
Information on the landlord's responsibility and that of the tenant.

Click here Mediation
How it is used in landlord and tenant disputes.

Click here Mobile Home Parks
Explains the status of those persons living in mobile home parks.

Click here Non-Payment of Rent
How the landlord can evict a tenant for overdue or late rent payments.

Click here Offences
Explains what some of the offences are under the Tenant Protection Act.

Click here Privacy
Explains the tenant's right to privacy and when the landlord can interfere.

Click here Reasons for Terminating a Tenancy By a Landlord
A chart which describes how and when a landlord may properly terminate a tenancy.

Click here Rent Increase Guidelines
Explains how much the rent can increase in certain years

Click here Rent Reductions
Explains when rents are automatically reduced.

Click here Rent Rules
Some of the rules that apply to the payment of rent 

Click here Tenant Protection Act - Overview
An overview of the Act that applies to residential units in Ontario.

Click here Termination of Tenancy
When it can be done by either party, and on how much notice.

Click here Termination of Tenancy By a Tenant
A chart which describes how and when a tenant can properly terminate a tenancy.


Interpretation Guidelines from the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

Click here Complete List of Topics
To assist parties in understanding the Tenant Protection Act.

Click here Abandonment of Rental Unit
Assists landlord to determine if the unit has been abandoned.

Click here Breach of Maintenance Obligations
Deals with responsibility of landlord to maintain units.

Click here Eviction for Failure to Pay Rent
Deals with evictions based on tenant's failure to pay rent.

Click here Eviction for Illegal Act
Deals with evictions based on tenant committing illegal act.

Click here Eviction for Personal Use 
Deals with evictions when the Landlord or a member of the Landlord's family or a Purchaser or a member of the Purchaser's family requires the premises for personal use.

Click here Eviction - Possible Relief
Indicates when tenant's eviction may be delayed or refused.

Click here Eviction - Procedure
Procedural issues regarding eviction applications

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