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We reserve the right to reject any request for a referral.
  • ParaLegalAdvice offers no legal advice, mediation or counselling under any circumstance.
  • ParaLegalAdvice is merely assisting you in narrowing your choices in selecting your legal help.
  • Your request will be forwarded to selected legal experts practicing in Canada who practice in the area you require. You grant permission for ParaLegalAdvice to do that without reservation.
  • We make no recommendations, guarantees and offer no opinions whatsoever on any aspect of your request.
  • You are totally and solely responsible for your own selections and actions.
  • Any arrangements made are strictly between you and your legal help and do not involve ParaLegalAdvice in any way.
  • Keep your details general. (i.e. you need help for a "speeding ticket, 80 in a 30 zone" or a "not wearing seatbelt ticket.") Avoid specifics which you do not want public.
  • Your request will go direct to ParaLegalAdvice for action within 24 hours.

If your matter is something a ParaLegal or Mediator can handle, than this site can probably help you. Your use of this site and its information and services is entirely at your own risk.

ParaLegalAdvice accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of your use of this web site or your dealings with any company or individual you learn of from your use of this service.

You fully and unconditionally agree to defend, indemnify and make whole ParaLegalAdvice, its owners and agents and affiliated companies in the event of any action taken against us arising out of our service to you or your use of this web site.

We are not lawyers. If you have a serious legal matter, something not listed here, please consult a lawyer. We recommend that youClick here click here to go to CanLaw, Canada's biggest and best lawyer referral service.

For Business Related Enquiries ONLY
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We have had to remove our phone and fax #s due to abuse by consumers
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ParaLegalAdvice can only be contacted by Email

  • I certify that I have read and accept the terms and disclaimer and fully and release ParaLegalAdvice from all accountability in assisting my search for legal help.

  • I fully understand and accept that ParaLegalAdvice is not offering legal advice or recommendations.

  • I grant permission for ParaLegalAdvice to forward any and all of my information to any legal helpers or exerts who may be appropriate candidates for this matter.

Users of this service agree that any and all disputes or claims against ParaLegalAdvice, their agents, owners, management, staff and affialated companies are to be settled by mediation ONLY in London Ontario and not by law suit or any other court action and to any and all terms and conditions which exist now or may be imposed by ParaLegalAdvice

You the user, not ParaLegalAdvice is entirely responsible for anything which may or may nor occur because of your use of this site.

ParaLegalAdvice is not responsible for anything which may arise from your use of this service.

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